Jack Valero: The Church is not against condoms...

Blogged by James Preece on 12th September 2010

I couldn't believe my ears this morning when I heard Jack Valero (official spokesman for the Newman Cause and coordinator of the Catholic Voices project) announce live on BBC TV that "the Church is not against condoms".



Here's the full transcript of the exchange...

Jack Valero: The Church is not against condoms the Church is against promiscuity

Julie Bindel: The Church is against condoms!

Jack Valero: The Church is against promiscuity and sex outside of marriage

Colm O'Gorman: Is the Church now supporting the use of condoms?

Jack Valero: No, the Church is against... er... promiscuity

Colm O'Gorman: In marriage? Does the Church oppose the use of condoms in marriage?

Jack Valero: Well, no, the Church is against contraception of course.

Colm O'Gorman: So it's against condoms?

Jack Valero: But, but, we're talking here about HIV, no the Church is against contraception.

You can view the full thing on iPlayer for the next week (start off around the 28 minute mark).

You can say what you like about TV being a stressful experience and it being easy to make mistakes (I've been there) but Jack Valero is a media expert who provides training as part of the Catholic Voices project! Is this the kind of thing he is teaching them? That the Church doesn't oppose the use of condoms?

That's certainly the view of his sidekick Austen Ivereigh who wrote on his blog at America Magazine that "the use of condoms to prevent the transmission of Aids is not contraception, and therefore morally licit if the intention is to prevent infection".

I'm sure this is exactly the sort of thing the Catholic Union of Great Britain had in mind when they agreed to bankroll the dynamic duo in their latest zany scheme.