The Man Crisis in the Diocese of Middlesbrough

Blogged by James Preece on 11th October 2010

People like to complain about the all male priesthood, they say it's not fair or whatever. I always think that makes as much sense as complaining about the all  female motherhood... In Hull there is a Women and Children's ward where they refuse to let me give birth! Isn't that against my human rights?

Do you know what would be odd though? If all the mothers in all the world simply stopped giving birth to boys. Well, if you have been to the Diocese of Middlesbrough lately you could be forgiven for thinking that has actually happened.

We seem to have succeeded in completely alienating every single male child born in the last thirty years.

Exibit A - The Diocese of Middlesbrough Youth Mission Team.

[photo source]

David (as far as I know the only male diocesan employee) and Fr Paul Farrer (who never replies to my emails) have spent the last year scouring the diocese for young people to join the Middlesbrough Diocese Mission Team.

A year. A full year searching for young people...

So where are the guys? Where are the young male Catholics?