With You Always: From the Archdiocese of Liverpool

Blogged by James Preece on 17th January 2011

I've been keeping an eye on Archbishop Patrick Kelly for a little while now - he's the Archbishop of Liverpool and therefore the big fish in the Province of Liverpool of which our Diocese of Middlesbrough Diocese is a part. Archbishop Kelly is a trustee at Ushaw and it just so happens that the rector of Ushaw was made our Bishop.

I wonder if perhaps Archbishop Kelly recommended him? Magic circle and all that... It's hard to imagine somebody making the rector of Ushaw a Bishop and not asking the opinion of a trustee who happens to be a neighbouring Archbishop.

So I keep an eye on Archbishop Kelly because whatever happens in Liverpool is likely to be happening here. I mean, somebody must decide what happens in our diocese and Bishop Drainey has made it abundantly clear that it isn't him!

So... what's happening in the Archdiocese of Liverpool?

The following video is not a joke, it was made by the Diocese of Liverpool as propaganda material to convince parish catechists to go along with the latest zany scheme.

Archbishop Kelly appears to believe in earnest that pre-concilliar Baptism was completely pointless. His mother wasn't there, his God-parent's were not his God-parents and the priest spoke only to him. I mean - he's scarecely Baptised at all! God forbid the rite of Baptism might have some point above and beyond getting everybody together for a party.

Then there's the amazing contradiction between the lady telling us that we wouldn't expect the school to potty train our children so we should't expect the school to train them in the faith and then saying that the sacrament of reconcilliation will be introduced gradually at primary schools! What?

The decision to move confirmation is interesting and I'm not necessarily opposed. I'm not convinced by their arguments but I think there are arguments to be made. I think the best option might be to taylor it to the development of individual children but that might mean *gasp* discrimination. Nope. Better to treat all the children exactly the same - then we can tell the parents exactly what is going to happen and when whether they like it or not because they are the first teachers or something...

P.S. Not married? Who cares...

h/t Fr Simon Henry