Sister Rosanne Reddy on Radio 4

Blogged by James Preece on 23rd February 2011

Sister Rosanne Reddy (legend) and Sister Myra Poole (liberal) discuss nuns and stuff on Radio 4...

In this programme, Ernie discusses the role and place of nuns in religious communities. How have they changed in recent years and how have they coped with a serious decline in vocations? Is there a similar decline within other faith communities?

Joining Ernie to discuss nuns are Myra Poole, a Sister of Notre Dame who is very involved with the movement for Catholic Women's Ordination; Rosanne Reddy, Sister of the Gospel of Life, a comparatively new order which she founded along with Cardinal Thomas Winning in 2000: and Lama Zangmo, a Buddhist nun and Director of the Kagyu Samya Dzong Buddhist Centre in London.

[listen online]

Much of what Sister Myra says reminds me of something Fr Finigan wrote...