Told to his face...

Blogged by James on 21st December 2012

Very good to see Archbishop Vincent Nichols visiting EnCourage in London.

EnCourage is a support group for homosexual Catholics who are courageously (hence the name) trying and live out the Church's teaching instead of trying to change it. They are a very good thing.

Not so good are the Soho "Gay Masses" where Church teaching is far from promoted. One of the young men at the EnCourage meeting bravely told Archbishop Nichols about it to his face...

J------, aged 23 from London, told the Archbishop how he “went to the Soho Masses who said it was ok to live an active homosexual lifestyle, but that is not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that actually you will be blessed and supported in living a chaste life as a Catholic. The message was not there. I know of so many people who have struggled but have not been able to persevere.


Let's hope Archbishop Nichols takes that on board.