Liturgical Dancing in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

Blogged by James on 8th January 2013

I should begin this blog entry by saying we had a great day on Saturday travelling to Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral to venerate the relics of Don Bosco. We were made very welcome by the friendly Salesians, one of whom allowed my daughter to wave a huge flag and another who quietly invited us to skip the queue for veneration if our children were getting restless.

Photography was banned in the Cathedral, possibly in an attempt to avoid a blog entry like this one... The good news is that the friendly Salesians streamed the whole event live on the internet so I can show you what happened after all:

In case you were wondering: No. This is not allowed.

The Church does allow dancing in cultures in which "dancing is still reflective of religious values" but is clear that this "cannot be applied in the western culture" because here"dancing is tied with love, with diversion, with profaneness" etc. Therefore...

For that reason it cannot be introduced into liturgical celebrations of any kind whatever: that would be to inject into the liturgy one of the most desacralized and desacralizing elements; and so it would be equivalent to creating an atmosphere of profaneness


Frankly, I ought to be able to take my children to a Mass with a Bishop present and not have to worry about this sort of thing.

I assume Bishop Tom Williams is on to it?