Obligatory New Pope Post

Blogged by James on 14th March 2013

Some brief comments coz I seem to have no time these days...

The first Pope Francis - which makes me happy because Francis is my middle name. Did you know St Francis of Assisi never said "Preach the Gospel Always. If Necessary, Use Words." Not even once. He did however say "No brother should preach contrary to the form and regulation of the holy Church" so take that hippies.

The first Jesuit Pope - apparently the joke doing the rounds is that "the Cardinals finally found a way to make a Jesuit be loyal to the Pope". Haw Haw. It's funny because it's true...

A Scientist Pope - a few people are saying the 'first' scientist Pope but I'm not so sure. What I do know is he has a masters degree in chemistry. As I've said before on this blog - some of the most religious people I've known are scientists.

The first Pope from outside of Europe for, oh, er, quite a bit - which is great because everybody knows the stuffy conservative europeans are holding everybody back from a world of fun. I don't know enough about Pope Francis to comment about him as an individual, but my experience of clergy from outside of Europe is that they are far from liberal on matters of marriage and family life. Mr Tablet man is going to be dissapointed.

One more thing... I mentioned last week my suprise when Pope Benedict failed to go around sacking everybody and simply told us about Jesus. I mean - a Pope talking about Jesus, who would have thought? I'm sure that says more about me and the culture in the Church than it does about Pope Benedict.

Pope Francis has suprised me in a similar way - by getting people to pray. I'm sure Pope Benedict lead plenty of prayers just like I'm sure Pope John Paul II talked a lot about Jesus but somehow I don't recall having particularly noticed. Perhaps I wan't listening properly.

Pope Francis. Day one. Bam.

He's got us praying.