Communion in the hand?

Blogged by James on 16th October 2013

How hard can it be? I mean - all these blogs, all these contacts... and here we are watching Youtube clips of Papal masses trying to spot whether it looks like the priests distributing Holy Communion may have been instructed to do it one way or another.

Surely somebody knows somebody who knows somebody? Surely?

Now, finally, at last.. a blogging Priest has been involved with the distribution of Holy Communion at a Papal Mass...

We are told to distribute Holy Communion only on the tongue, not in the hand. But few seem to follow this instruction if you watch what happens at these outdoor Masses. Distributing Holy Communion to so many who are forcing their way to the one distributing is, well, down right chaotic and somewhat irreverent.


We distributed Holy Communion to the faithful toward the end of the Piazza and there must have been 200,000 there!

We were told to be very concerned about the reverence for Holy Communion and to be careful how we distributed. We were told to give Holy Communion on the tongue, but it was nearly impossible to do so with such large crowed and people reaching forward to receive.


"We are told to distribute Holy Communion only on the tongue"

h/t Kneeling Catholic