The Ambitions of Modern Living

Blogged by James on 27th November 2013

Well, I don't know about modern living, but something has been keeping me busy these last few weeks and I'm not even sure what it was. Life just seems to have been a bit full lately and blogging is always at the bottom of the pile because, frankly, the wife and kiddies win evey time.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Vincent Nichols has been making some interesting comments..

"The Pope has led us to pay attention to the experiences of people," Archbishop Nichols told BBC Breakfast.

"On the one hand we must work to follow Christ, but on the other hand we have to face all of the ambitions of modern living."

[BBC News|Protect the Pope]

On the one hand we must work to follow Christ, but on the other hand...


There is of course, nothing "modern" about ambition - in every age followers of Christ have had to choose between Christ and themselves.. Between the way of the cross and the way of personal ambition. The ambitions of the past might have been different but they were ambitions all the same.

It's like all the cartoons.. the little angel sits on one shoulder and somebody else sits on the other. On the one hand Christ, on the other hand... there is only one alternative. Anything opposed to Christ comes from the evil one.

There are people who will ignore the nose on their face and all it moderation. Look at James Preece getting carried away. What a nutter. Does he seriously think that an Archbishop could ever do anything.. wrong?

A couple of years ago when asked if the Church would change her teaching he said "Who knows what's down the road?" and now he's on BBC News telling us that his leadership of the Catholic Church in England and Wales is based around a compromise between Christ and ambition, between Christ and Satan.

You can write to Rome if you like but I think we're past that. The time has come to pray for the poor man's eternal soul. To quote James 3:1.. "Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we who teach shall be judged with greater strictness."

Thank you Lord, that I do not have to be an Archbishop.