ACTA the Future!

Blogged by James on 13th May 2014

Continuing my research in to "A Call to Action", I realised that there are actual real life ACTA meetings just down the road in York. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that I would have the opportunity to pop along to a real life ACTA meeting.

In disguise of course.

At first I considered one of those Guy Fawkes masks but those things have hardly any wrinkles at all and I had no chance of blending in. Then I wondered about an eye patch, cutlass and captain's hat but it was too much fun and these ACTA people are not known for their fun. Finally, I looked in to those plastic nose and mustache combinations and a long grey detectives coat. Might that work?

Imagine my dissapointment when I realised that yesterday's meeting of the Middlesbrough ACTA group was, well, yesterday. Monday. You may not know this about Mondays but most people with typical jobs tend to go to work on a Monday. Could I pop over on my lunch break? Possibly. If my lunch break lasted from 8am to 5pm.

Can't say these ACTA people are not committed.

The next meeting of Middlesbrough Diocese ACTA is on a Friday. Spotted a pattern yet? That's right - it's another working day. I'll be slaving away over a hot keyboard, hunting and gathering, trying to catch a woolly mammoth or something to bring home and feed the kiddies.

The ACTA people seem not to have jobs.

Could it be that ACTA is very popular among students and the unemployed. It's possible, but here's something more likely - that ACTA is entirely made up of retired people.

It's the future!