Blogged by James on 28th May 2014

I told you Walsingham was going to be awesome and it was.

It rained of course, but then the sun shone and Catholic families camped and prayed together by the Slipper Chapel. Our kids played with other kids while we met other families. My Catholic Dads around my age that I've actually met count doubled.

We walked the Holy Mile, said rosaries and received Benediction. We heard excellent talks, stayed up until 3am chatting around a camp fire then got up at 6:30 anyway to make breakfast. There was all night adoration, we saw shooting stars and the milky way.

It was also great to meet several readers of this blog and of Family Roundup magazine which Ella and I edit and to receive many appreciative comments. I'm feeling encouraged and may even get myself out of bed early to write some more.

One major blessing of the weekend was being asked to cater for one of the Fransiscan Sisters of the Renewal and it was great for our kiddies to spend so much time with her. Another blessing was being asked to organise the talent show which meant I had to wander around the field talking to all the families and meeting so many great people.

I've deprived myself of sleep, worked hard doing all the usual camping jobs, used horrible portaloo thingies, shivered in the rain and got sunburn.. yet I'm feeling refreshed.

Those spa treatment people are doing it all wrong.