Consultation on PSHE and SRE in Schools

Blogged by James on 2nd June 2014

The government are holding a consultation on PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) and SRE (Sex and Relationship Education).

They are asking whether PSHE ought to be statutory, either as part of the National Curriculum or through some other means of entitlement.

SPUC have some excellent briefing notes here.

The long and the short of it is that at the moment the state allows you to pull your children out of sex education lessons but there are plenty of people who would like to see that change and this consultation could be the first step in the process, so it's important to be heard.

Church teaching is clear that "Sex education, which is a basic right and duty of parents, must always be carried out under their attentive guidance" and that parents should "follow every form of sex education that is given to their children outside the home, removing their children whenever this education does not correspond to their own principles".

Note that the Church is not against sex education, but that the Church insists on the right of parents to provide it and decide what, when etc..

Even if you are not a Catholic, it should be obvious that parents are the people best placed to judge the level their children are working at and what they are ready to understand. You may be in the "but some parents don't" camp but is that really a good argument for forcing parents who feel strongly enough to pull their children out of lessons to sit back and watch while their under age kids are shown pornographic films? This is not a parody.

You have until 6th June to respond to the consultation here.