Only Bigots value Motherhood?

Blogged by James on 3rd June 2014

I am told that the financial crisis could have been averted if there were more women in boardrooms..

Research suggests that businesswomen are more wary of risk than men and that companies with women at the top are more successful and in tune with their customers because their boards have a wider range of views.


I am also told that the sex abuse crisis in the Church could have been averted if there were more women in the Vatican.

a greater presence of women in the Vatican could have prevented clerical sexual abuse from taking place.


"Women, in fact, both religious and lay, by nature would have been more likely to defend young people in cases of sexual abuse, allowing the church to avoid the grave damage brought by these sinful acts."


I am even told that "Mothers Matter More"...

For too long we have been trying to obscure differences, to say we are all the same, and therefore as parents men and women are equal.


It is indisputable that the bond between a child and its mother is different from that between a father and a child.


The relationship is unique and incapable of substitution. We tamper with it at our peril, and at the greater peril of our children.


In short: Women are a good thing.

The above links are all from The Guardian newspaper, it's a lefty newspaper amd they would probably describe the above exaltations of Women as feminist and progressive.

Catholics would call it an acknowledgement of the complementarity of the sexes. The Church teaches that men and women are different and that our physical and spiritual differences are mutually supportive. Men need women and women need men. The two are not interchangeable.

Women's role is vital, irreplacable, incapable of substitution. Even The Guardian thinks so.

So riddle me this one..

Why is it that when Slovakian parents request that their children be adopted in to a family with a woman for a mother, those Slovakian parents were branded "bigoted"?

Why is it that companies need women, the Church needs women and even children need women.. except when they don't?