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The Abolition of Bishops

Blogged by James 4 Years ago...

I realise this is old news to anybody who reads blogs, but I think as many people as possible should see this...

An excellent vacancy has arisen for a Diocesan Secretary to fulfil the role of Chief Executive within the Clifton Diocese


We seek a person who embraces the values of, but is not necessarily a member of, the Catholic Church.


People often accuse me of disrespecting the Bishops. It's true that I have occasionally crossed the line and gone too far with my funny pictures but the fact is that fundamentally at the heart of everything I write on this blog is the rock solid belief that the Bishops are central and essential to the Church.

Sometimes priests say that if I don't like what the Bishops do then I should keep my mouth shut, ignore the problems and get on and do what good I can. That would be reasonable enough.. if I were a protestant.

If you want to see real disrespect for Bishops, look no further than Clifton Diocese where they have decided that the administration of a Diocese is a job better done by a non-Catholic professional than by a Catholic Bishop.

Embrace the values!